Friday, June 5, 2020

Latest Activities - May/June 2020

Dear all,
As we are nearing the end of the Corona crisis, and borders are starting to open here in Europe, we will be entering a new age, a 'new normal', because many countries and companies are considering doing things greener and more responsible. I believe the world needed a pause to think. Hopefully, we will be strong enough to put deed to word and change our ways, and treat this planet as our home, and not as a rubbish dump, milking it dry with our unnecessary needs for products that are not vital for our survival. All of this planet is our back yard, and all the people on this planet are our family. All the animals are our pets and all of nature is our garden of Eden.
In my new book, "The Ringing Rocks of Atlantis" I am opening up the true meaning of a Utopia, when a Celt with the heart of a Druid travels the ancient Mediterranean with an Archaean merchant (ancient Greek tradesman from Argos, Hellas). We discover the wisdom and philosophy of Pythagoras, as well as the impact of his teachings on Christianity as we know it today. And we look at the world through the eyes of the wise daughter of a Matriarch, a descendant of the Cro Magnon prehistoric people of southern France, who boldly leaves her clan to go on an adventurous and dangerous quest to find her destiny. This book contains many explanations, mystical knowledge, alchemy, Freemasonry, Rosicrucian Teachings, Gnosis, while at the same time it takes the reader on a fabulous journey. The feedback I am already receiving from readers is heartwarming, and it reminds me why I spent so much time and energy researching for this story, and in getting it right.

You can download the press release here:

The month of May for me was exciting, for not only did I publish my latest book, I also had a lovely interview for InnerTV which is on YouTube ( Unfortunately, I was unable to hold a real live book launch event, neither on Santorini as originally planned, nor in the castle hotel the Ducs de Joyeuse in Couiza on June 13th (my Birthday). Therefore it was a great honour for me to be contacted by Rhonda Hampton Schienle, a friend of mine from the States, who asked me if she could organize and host a virtual book launch on Zoom. This event happened on 31st May. It was such a great pleasure for me to see how many people attended. Our special guest, Eve Marie Roy, who is the inspiration behind the character of Elan in my new book, spoke so beautifully about so many things, and I can only invite you to see the video of this virtual book launch event, which is now on YouTube ( Thank you so much Rhonda for this wonderful party, and to all for attending! ♥

I am also very honoured that my latest interview with author Dawn Ius about my new book has been published in the June issue of 'The Big Thrill', the magazine of the International Thriller Writers organization (ITW), of which I am a very proud member. They are also organizing an online Thriller Fest this year in July, and you can now attend from your own home! This is a lovely opportunity to get in contact with many important writers and thriller lovers from around the world. Below you can find the internet links: first my interview for 'The Big Thrill', then the link to the online Thriller Fest, and last but not least, the main website of the ITW.


I am very much looking forward to be able to guide individuals and groups again on their tours through Occitania, France, or Greece, and am available for interviews (radio & TV) and also for documentaries, for which my husband and I can be of assistance as ground fixers, location scouting and, of course, for guiding and for interviews on camera. My contact details are on my website:
Have a wonderful Summer, everyone! From Cathar Country, with love.


Friday, May 1, 2020

New Website!

Dear all,

Happy first of May everyone! Today, my new website has been published online - mobile and tablet friendly - where you can find my books and all the projects I have been involved in, including the details of an awesome new documentary series created for History Channel, one that is now getting seriously popular and will go global soon: 'The Lost Relics of the Knights Templar'.

Visit my website at

On this day, my new book, 'The Ringing Rocks of Atlantis' has been published on Amazon worldwide on Kindle e-book and paperback. This is the third book of my time travel trilogy, and it has taken me a long time to write if I include the research I did on the Atlantis myth and many other historical details you will find in the book. It may take a week before all the countries that are being served by Amazon have working links, but the UK, Canada, USA and several other countries already have the paperback version live on the Amazon site. To order your copies, simply visit my website and follow the links.

I also have my two other books, which are 'The Eye of Ra' for ancient Egypt buffs and researchers of the Moses enigma, and my first book, 'White Lie, the Quest for the Forbidden Relic' also known simply as 'The Forbidden Relic', which can be interesting when you are into the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, Rennes-le-Chateau and the 1st century Christianity and Gnosis.

As the European borders and tourist sites are slowly beginning to open up from June onward, I would also like to add that I am a tour guide here in southern France (Cathar Country) and that I also take people to Greece on demand, while working with a fabulous Greek ground agent for the logistics. Up next will be a tour on the Atlantean theme, called Atlantis and the Minoans, which I am planning to do with Eve Marie Roy, who has been the inspiration behind the main character of the historical thread in my new book: Elan. This will be a very special retreat to never forget, and you can send me your e-mail address if you wish to be on the mailing list. As soon as the details about this retreat are known, you will then get an e-mail from me with the link to the website where the tour is offered.

Don't forget to tune into History Channel UK at 9 p.m.  on Monday 4th May to watch the TV series 'The Lost Relics of the Knights Templar', because I have a small part to play in taking Hamilton and Carl to the famous caves above Ornolac, which may have been used to temporarily hide ancient relics in the 13th and 14th centuries, the era of the Cathars and Knights Templar. The show is also aired in other European countries several days to a few weeks later, and will go global as soon as possible. Thanks to the success of the series, a second series is now in the planning. Have fun watching the show! :)

For now, I would like to wish you a wonderful month of May, and I hope you will enjoy the read and the new website. Stay safe and let us change the world by being kinder and greener, for we are all one.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Latest News, April 2020

Dear all,

As the world is holding its breath and tries to survive this horrible Corona crisis, it has become important for many people to keep a daily rhythm and grow sufficient discipline to cope with the change of lifestyle. I have taken the time to finish my new book, which will hopefully be published any time now and made available on Amazon.

In April and May, the new show on History Channel, "The Lost Relics of the Knights Templar", will be aired. The first episode premiered in the UK on 13th and will be aired in Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium and Ireland a few days later. As you may already know, I am also in it, in episode 4, mountaingoating the two British gentlemen through the rocky mountains of the Sabarthès to the caves of Ornolac.

Episode 4 was shot in September 2019. On the right-hand side you can see me with Hamilton and Carl posing in the Bethlehem Cave, where Otto Rahn often came, also to meditate.

But, first things first: my new book.


The third and last book of the Time Travel Trilogy is now ready for publication. The Kindle version will be out first for a very low price as a gift to my readers, for at this moment we are all going through harsh times. It is important to take one's mind off and read more books. I have spent a long time researching the subject before I was ready to write the story. Therefore, many historical facts have been used throughout the book, facts that might change your mind about European history and consequently that of the entire western world.

I would like to share some of the reviews I received from various people after reading the manuscript.

"This one is a delightful mix of past and present, along with real and imagined. It’s a story that demonstrates, all so clearly, what I have said for a long time. History matters." ~ New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

"Jeanne D’Août skillfully weaves a tasty tale of suspense and esoteric intrigue. Time travel - and its consequences, ancient Celts, Atlantis, and the legendary relic hunter Otto Rahn; it’s all here, served up with a sumptuous measure of veiled historical truths. Some say truth may be stranger than fiction, but what if the so-called fiction is actually true? Fans of Dan Brown, and enthusiasts of historical mysteries, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride." ~ Andrew Gough, writer and television history and mystery show presenter

"A magnificent story – but even more than a story, for it contains a theory of world history that is both intriguing and enlightening. Jeanne D’Août is no less a thinker than a storyteller. Her tale has us winging through history and geography, and takes a lot of putting down once you start it. This third volume unfolds a new set of adventures around time travel, but has a serious message. As we swing between the ancient world and present-day Switzerland, an extraordinary myth comes to life. We and our past have the deepest reverberations and connections, and knowing the past can heal us." ~ Dr Colum Hayward, Polaire Publishing

"It is a great tale - intriguing and provocative. It delves deep into human relationships, the history that underlies Western perspective and provides a way that technology will change our experience and our view of our existence. It is like going through a door into a hidden room where secrets are uncovered but where the real secrets are held in another room, beyond the first." ~ Greg Rigby, author of ‘The God Secret’ and ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’

As soon as the book is available on Amazon, I will enter the direct link to the Kindle version here.


It all started last Summer, when I was asked to be one of the experts in a new show about the Templars; a show that would be aired on History Channel. Of course I said yes. Every opportunity I have to promote this amazing corner of the world where I live, I will take. Occitania, also known as 'Cathar Country', is a region in the south of France, a place with forgotten history and unsolved mysteries. Much needs to be shared to fully comprehend elements of our common history that have been hidden or erased by the victors.

Hamilton and Carl are trying to find out in this new series what the Templars were all about. Having found a Templar hoard, Hamilton hopes to find out what these objects mean, what they were used for, and to better understand this mysterious Knights of Christ, who fought 800 years ago in the Crusades to secure Jerusalem and its access for the Christian world. This mysterious Order has made today's scholars wonder what they stood for, because they were different from the other Crusaders. They had their own agenda, and within a few decades they became the richest Order in Christianity. It is obvious that they wanted more than just Jerusalem. They may have wanted to create a whole new world order.

To see the trailer, click here

I will be available for interviews on radio shows and pod casts, and for web articles and written interviews. Contact me directly at with your request.

From Occitania, with love. ♥

Monday, December 23, 2019

Latest updates and plans for 2020!

It's been a bit quiet around me for a while, and that is mainly because I have been writing my new book and have been on several exciting adventures. :) To all my supporters: thank you so very much for your patience and loyalty! Warm hugs to you all! And to those who are only just tuning in, please allow me to quickly introduce myself to you properly.

In 1973, when I was only seven years old, I was inspired to question the historical data that have shaped the world as we know it. I soon discovered that there were some major flaws and contradictions in our educational system and the history we are being taught at school. I started asking uncomfortable questions, as a result of which I was sent out of class. Since then, I took everything I learned at school with a pinch of salt and could be found in libraries while my classmates were in disco's. Finding myself living in a world where materialism and selfishness grew stronger every day, I became fascinated by mysticism and spirituality, and I started to distance myself more and more from all the mainstream trends, pricking the make-belief balloon of society with its fake information and fake news. This is how I finally found exactly what I had been looking for.

But what would be the purpose of discovering forbidden truths if I wouldn’t be able to share my findings with others? Therefore I decided to become a writer; not of non-fiction, because then I would become a teller. Instead I decided to write fictional stories - adventures based on my discoveries - and so I became a storyteller, putting theories on the table for everyone to examine, without me making any claims. I chose to write my books using a pen name: Jeanne D’Août, a name which has an important link to my ancestors. After all, when we want to find the source, we need to remember our ancestors, discover their history and honour their legacy. It helped me find the purpose of my own life.

My main goal is to make people think for themselves, and to make people think out of the box. To be able to do this properly, I have written three historical fiction adventure novels, which contain deep messages for those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. This trilogy follows my own personal path and quest, and leads towards a zenith.

Book 1 - ‘White Lie, the Quest for the Forbidden Relic’.
Book 2 - ‘The Eye of Ra’.
Book 3 - ‘The Ringing Rocks of Atlantis’ (to be launched on 13th June, 2020).

Every story has its beginning, and so does the history of humankind. What we learn in school are random fragments of the 1% of human history that we think we know. History is not a science; history is guesswork, often compared against earlier discoveries, some of which haven’t even been verified yet. But then where does our story, our human story of civilization, begin? What do myths and legends really tell us, and in which way did people pass on their stories in prehistoric times? To be able to make any sense of the ancestral legacies, we need to study the origins and details of their stories. The trick is to take it neither too literally, nor too figuratively. Human history as we know it is a well-kneaded meatloaf of countless ingredients, and cooked in the oil of lore. It is our job to identify these ingredients and to put them in their proper place, origin and time. The truth is indeed out there, and each of us has the right to find it without being brainwashed by anyone. Therefore we need to go back to the unspoiled source. This is exactly what I facilitate with my books, articles and guided tours. More information can be found on my website:


What a busy and interesting year this has been! Apart from the guided tours that I am still doing  in this mysterious part of southern France, I have also taken a group to Greece in May, which was a blast! In 2020 there are again tours planned and retreats I have been asked to co-host. Plus of course my book launch on my 54th Birthday on 13th June in the Ducs de Joyeuse Hotel (click on the name to go to their website).

In the Autumn of 2019, I have been asked to be one of the talking heads / guides for a new TV series in an episode on relic hunter Otto Rahn, which was such fun to do! As soon as I know when it will be aired on History Channel UK, probably April 2020, I will let you know. You can follow my latest news via my Facebook Page:

Over the past few years I have been doing lots of research for my new book, which will deal with the origins of Alchemy, the message of the Emerald Tablet and the enigmatic history of the European peoples, especially the Celts and Greeks (Hellenes). For the third and final book of my Time Travel Trilogy, I have again chosen to write in two different time periods, being 2016 and 525 BCE. The latter will play in the French Pyrenees, the Mediterranean and Greece (Hellas) in the late Bronze Age / early Iron Age. It will also take the reader back to the era of Pythagoras, who was not only a mathematician, but also one of the greatest philosophers.

Woven into this fast-moving historical adventure story are recognizable human characters with all their flaws and obsessions, but also the goodwill of humankind, and the self-sacrifice necessary for the greater good. Humankind is on a never-ending quest for truth, but also for things that are hidden, or mysteries that remain unsolved. We are such a curious species, and my new book deals with all of that.


Seeing the title of this new book, you will probably immediately think it will be all about Atlantis, but although the subject is the red line through the story, the book contains some very surprising theories and connections. Being a fact hunter, I have been very careful with the existing theories, and I found myself taking everything out of the box, digging into the source material with a broad and open mind. The Atlantis myth is so much more complicated than most people might think. I hope you will enjoy the read! :)

Publishing date and book launch:
13th June 2020, in the reception room of the Ducs de Joyeuse Castle Hotel in Couiza, Aude, Occitania, France.  

Time: From 7 to 8 p.m.

Press and media: You are most welcome. Contact me beforehand to arrange interviews and photo shoots and to receive a free copy of my book. More information can be found on my website:

The Ringing Rocks of Atlantis will be dedicated to the memory of author, speaker and dear friend, Tim Wallace-Murphy, who passed away on June 29th, 2019. He is dearly missed. May he rest in blissful peace. ♥

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a healthy and fabulous New Year 2020! From Occitania, with Love!

Jeanne D'Août -

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Out now on Kindle: THE EYE OF RA eBook!

“In The Eye of Ra, Jeanne D'Août cleverly uses fiction to bring alive ancient Egypt and its magic. A most entertaining and fun book to read!” - Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery

From today, June 7th 2016, the long awaited eBook edition of THE EYE OF RA, the sequel of WHITE LIE, THE QUEST FOR THE FORBIDDEN RELIC, is now available on Amazon Kindle. All the direct links are available in the menu on this webpage:

Tim Wallace-Murphy, Writer, TV Personality and Lecturer commented: “A real page-turner, great plot, fast moving and a fun read!”

“The Eye of Ra is a brilliant new esoteric thriller that captivates the reader from the start. Intelligent, well-informed and absorbing, it propels you on a dangerous quest to Akhenaten’s Egypt. If you are a fan of Dan Brown or Umberto Eco, then strap yourself in for a wild ride through ancient lands, intrigue and Egyptian magic. I highly recommend it.” - Andrew Gough, presenter of historical documentaries and Editor-in-Chief of the Heretic Magazine

It all starts with a ring, inlaid with a seemingly insignificant black stone. Discovered on its own by the famous archaeologist Flinders Petrie, the stone had not been recognized for what it was, for up until the fall of Jerusalem in the 6th century BCE it had always been one of a pair. As a pair, these stones had been used for divination in Biblical times. Together they are known as the Urim and Thummim.

Determined to find the highly valued, lost stone and bring the separated pair together once again, a powerful secret order sends a team of intrepid researchers back in time to the era of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, only to discover a much greater enigma.

Monday, March 21, 2016


PRESS RELEASE - March 22nd, 2016

“This story resonates with spirit and history, seamlessly blending myth with reality into a chilling and foreboding read."


Historical thriller novel

What if two young women of today, with no family ties to miss them, were sent off as covert time travelers to find out if the Crucifixion is fact or fiction? Would they survive? Would they come back? Would they change history? Would history change them?

THE FORBIDDEN RELIC is a just-published novel about finding the true Holy Grail by nom de plume JEANNE D’AOUT. Jeanne weaves impeccable historical research with fantasy/action/adventure, spanning two millenniums.

She raises some powerful thought processes.
Would we try to change history if we could, no matter the outcome?

Wormholes forming hypothetical shortcuts through time are part of the suspension of belief Jeanne asks her readers to accept, in order to explore the depths and consequences of human behavior.

Fascinated by unraveling mysteries at a young age, Jeanne D’Août settled in a mysterious part of southern France: where the Knights Templar of the Middle Ages may have hidden forbidden relics. Here, she got to know author Henry Lincoln, the man whose work inspired Dan Brown to write the Da Vinci Code. As a regional expert, she has happened upon some incredible clues that lead to her discoveries revealed in THE FORBIDDEN RELIC.

THE FORBIDDEN RELIC continues where the Da Vinci Code stops short.

ANDREW GOUGH, presenter of historical documentaries, Editor-in-Chief of The Heretic Magazine says: “The Forbidden Relic reveals more shocking truths than any book since The Da Vinci Code, including the identity of the real Indiana Jones. It would not surprise if it was adapted for the big screen soon."

PATRICK BERNAUW, a Belgian historical mystery writer, adds: “The Forbidden Relic is a historical mystery novel, reminding us of Dan Brown and his The Da Vinci Code. But what makes the book special, is the original and fascinating mix of historical mystery, true treasure hunt and science-fiction themes, such as time travel. And a superb blend of facts and (adventure) fiction."



To go directly to, click here, or check out all the direct links at

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

COMING SOON: The Forbidden Relic - eBook

While the new eBook is expected to be launched in March, 2016, the latest paperback version is already online on AMAZON (White Lie - The Quest for the Forbidden Relic).

More info:

New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry
on White Lie: The Quest for the Forbidden Relic:

"This story resonates with spirit and history,
seamlessly blending myth with reality into
a chilling and foreboding read."

With Steve Berry in Rennes-le-Chateau, France

There are secret underground compounds where highly specialised scientists, physicists and professors develop secret technology for unknown employers. In 2011, Professor William Fairfax succeeded in creating a stable wormhole, through which people could travel back in time. Unable to predict the miraculous events that were about to transpire, Dr Danielle Parker and Dr Gabby Standford excitedly travel back to the first century, where they discover the amazing story of Oshu, the real Jesus.

This incredible adventure back in time results in the terrifying abduction of time-traveller Danielle. For Danielle's freedom, the kidnapper demands one of the most intriguing historical artefacts known to the world. To find it, the team has to follow the old trail of the Knights Templar that leads them to Cathar Country in southern France.

The team is accompanied by a mysterious German relic hunter, whom had already been brought from the 1930s to the present: SS-Obersturmführer Otto Rahn. Though Rahn is assigned to assist the team in southern France, he carries with him a heavy, dark secret. In constant fear of being forced to return to 1939, he decides to follow his own agenda.


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